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We are Teman Sebangku Group our future vision is to be a full-service Digital Marketing Company. We want to reinforce brand to communicate digitally, with our passionate thinkers and creative team to work closely with each brand to create unique, creative strategies that produce effective engagement to their audience. 

Since 2016, we started with epic digital agency and has been working with one of the biggest finance industries in West Java to help them to communicate their message to the new audience 18-25 y.o. We were born out of a strong desire to provide brands with the quality creative services they need in digital era in order to stay ahead.

In 2020 we face the pandemic era, we think we need to create something to help small business enterprise who got the big impact of the pandemic, we launched Pang Moto Keun. Pang Moto Keun is one of our sister company who focus on help SME to produce a good quality of photo product. We believe that a good photo can be boost up their sales.

We are not stop right there, we have a vision in the future culinary industries will be Cloud Kitchen and it will be goes on digital. We decided to have a .Muja. Muja is a Homemade Signature of Indonesian Jamu, we don’t have any offline store, we enhance our ability to sell this product digitally. This kind of project will be our big milestone to step in to the culinary industries.

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